Australia Vetiver grass design experts for erosion & sediment control, wastewater treatment & disposal, and soil & water rehabilitation.
Australia, Vetiver Grass, Erosion Control, Sediment Control, Wastewater Treatment, Soil Rehabilitation, Water Rehabilitation
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Daniel Londono is the Director of Veticon Consulting and a qualified Civil Engineer, specialising in infrastructure development. Daniel has 16 years of combined experience in the research, development and application of bioengineering and phytoremediation techniques in both Australia and South America, with extensive experience in the development and application of Vetiver grass as a bioengineering tool. Working alongside Dr. Paul Truong since 2009, Daniel has conducted further research on Vetiver grass technology as a phytoremediation tool for the treatment and prevention of contaminated soil and water.


Daniel is in the creation process of an international Vetiver Institute (TVI) for the worldwide development, advancement and education of the Vetiver System. His work to promote Vetiver grass also extends to his involvement in The Vetiver Network International (TVNI).


Paul is the world’s foremost Vetiver research scientist, having spent the past 25+ years researching Vetiver grass and its applications. Paul has a particular interest and has led the research and development of Vetiver’s capacity and applicability for pollution control and wastewater treatment, including minesite and contaminated land rehabilitation, landfill leachate disposal, and industrial wastewater treatment. Paul works in Australia and internationally applying and promoting Vetiver grass technology through education, project application, research development and international conferences and workshops.


Veticon’s founder and Technical Director, Paul is also the Technical Director of The Vetiver Network International (TVNI) and its Director for the Asia and Pacific region. He is dedicated to the education and development of Vetiver Grass Technologies worldwide.



Cara brings her business administration and organisation experience to her role as Veticon’s Business Manager and Developer. With an educational background in international relations and human rights, Cara was quick to see the potential of Vetiver grass and its capacity to address some of the major issues afflicting the earth and humanity. Working alongside Daniel and Paul, Cara has become passionate about Vetiver and its capacities to address and reverse environmental damage, minimise the human footprint, and create sustainable and environmentally harmonious solutions.


Cara keeps the Veticon team organised, ensuring the smooth coordination and management of all projects and business activities.