Australia Vetiver grass design experts for erosion & sediment control, wastewater treatment & disposal, and soil & water rehabilitation.
Australia, Vetiver Grass, Erosion Control, Sediment Control, Wastewater Treatment, Soil Rehabilitation, Water Rehabilitation
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The mastery of Vetiver grass can be applied as a solution in a multitude of fields for erosion and sediment control,
wastewater treatment and disposal, and environmental protection.


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The design and application of Vetiver System (VS) solutions in agricultural based read more


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With roots stronger than most tree roots, the ability to improve soil fertility and absorb elevated toxicities
in soil and water, Vetiver is both a protector and rehabilitator. A tool designed by nature
with the capacity to minimise our human footprint.


Veticon Consulting is an innovative and environmentally progressive engineering consultancy company. Created by Dr Paul Truong, Veticon Consulting has played an integral role in the research and development of the Vetiver System (VS). Veticon is an Australian and international leader in the application of vetiver grass for phytoremediation, wastewater treatment and disposal, erosion and sediment control, soil and water conservation, and steep slope stabilisation.


Veticon Consulting has applied the Vetiver System in a variety of fields, including minesite rehabilitation, contaminated industrial and urban waste reclamation, agricultural and forestry lands, and civil and infrastructure stabilisation. Working both in Australia and internationally, Veticon Consulting has executed its expertise to address the needs of sewage and industrial effluent, landfill leachate disposal, contaminated land rehabilitation, road stabilisation, streambank stabilisation, flood protection, mine tailings rehabilitation, gully stabilisation, erosion and sediment control, and training and education of the Vetiver System.


A deep passion and appreciation for Vetiver grass and its extraordinary attributes reside at the heart of Veticon Consulting. This passion forms the foundation for the workings and mission of the company. Veticon’s vision is to enhance and grow the Vetiver System in application for wastewater treatment and disposal, erosion and sediment control, soil and water conservation, and steep slope stabilisation. Through ongoing development and education, Veticon Consulting aim to expand the application of Vetiver grass worldwide, to see it become a prevailing bioengineering and phytoremediation tool. This will contribute to the rehabilitation and protection of the environment, and ultimately assist in the development of sustainable environmental practices, ensuring climate change mitigation and the recreation of functional ecosystems.